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i bought a hyundai elantra a couple of weeks ago and i am pissed at the outcome. a week after i bought the car, my battery died on me on the way dashboard lights went out( it was night).

so i couldnt even see how fast i was going. i pulled over and got out to see if my headlights were working and they were very dim. i got back in, took it out of park to find that it would barely move. i parked it and called my mom to come get me.

i got the car towed the next morning to the mechanic i trust to find that the alternator was shot and it had drained my that cost 200 something. i had a warranty that covered the alternator but had to pay deductable and battery. the next week i took it back to the mechanic because my engine check light was on. when he pressed on the gas(car was in park) he said it sound like an exhaust leak...took a deeper look to find out the a pipe connected to the exhaust(cant remember the name) had a crack in it and was deteiorating..this was not covered by my warranty and costs 300 something to get fixed.

so thats 500 within 3 weeks....please trust these reviews and dont buy a car from here. even if you are tempted buy the pretty looking cars...dont do it...bad business...and had a nerve to get assertive with me..dont think so...DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE

Monetary Loss: $500.

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