I have two vehicles from superior auto wholesalers the first go round everyone was really nice I got a 2004 cadillac Cts runs pretty good so I went back got another car for my fiancé we got a 2002 ford explorer paid cash for this one came to about 6200 ran good while we test drive as soon as we got home engine light came on ! Had to buy 4 new tires replace ALL the coils and get a wheel alignment about 900 dollars later the engine light IS STILL ON !

I hope it's just a sensor but my gut is telling me they sold us a "lemon" on top of that they held the tags and title for weeks after they told us everything would be mailed when its received .

of course they didn't even bother to call us when they got the tags! When we asked why they didn't call the man on the phone just laughed at us and said "what do u want me to do about it "

Monetary Loss: $7100.

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Burlington, New Jersey, United States #885578

The fact that you had tires replaced because the check engine light was on makes me afraid for humanity. Tires have 0 to do with a check engine light

to *** Ventnor City, New Jersey, United States #936336

I was listing everything that had to be replaced on the vehicle ! The engine light was on because of the cadilust converter thanks for your input!

The customer service is in the gutter and this car company gives all others a bad name I will CONTINUE TO WRITE REVIEWS ON EVERY WEBSITE THAT ALLOWS ME TO STATE MY OPINION ! SO HAPPY I CAUGHT THIS LITTLE REPLY AROUND TAX TIME :-)

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